Manaus #Black Black Matt#

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This bag is perfect for those occasions when you just need a little extra space. Whether for everyday use, the office, a short trip, or even an impromptu trek into the jungle, this bag will work as hard as you do. It’s structured enough to stand upright and practical enough to fit a laptop and A4 documents or your weekend wardrobe. And when you don’t need the extra room, you can also fold down the top half for a more compact look.

The ‘Manaus’ is truly built to last a lifetime. This combination of fish and calf leather is particularly hardwearing and durable, developing a beautiful and unique patina over time. Even the lining, which is made from the same thick linen used in traditional Swiss wrestling trousers, is virtually indestructible.


  • Two adjustable fix handles 24cm – 29cm
  • One removable shoulder strap 120cm -130cm
  • Two internal pockets
  • A double zip top closure
  • Matte black hardware
  • Five metal feet
  • Light grey fabric lining


L: 58 cm x W: 20 cm x H: 41 cm


1,9 kg

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This bag is where the REALTRUE journey really began. Born out of our love for adventure, it is only fitting that our very first design was made for travel.

Situated at the mouth of the Rio Negro, Manaus is the capital of the Northwestern Brazilian state of Amazonas. The Mamirauá Reserve, the only source of our fish leather, is about 600 km west, and we designed this bag with the journey from Manaus to the heart of the rainforest in mind.


Top: 100% Pirarucu fish skin leather

Bottom: 100% vegetable-tanned Tuscan calf leather

Lining: 100% remnant Swiss ‘Schwingerhosen’ linen

Made in Italy of components of Brazilian, Swiss and Italian origin
Pirarucu Fish Leather
Fish leather doesn’t require any special care, but it should not be exposed to heavy rain and direct sunlight for long periods. The distinctive texture and look of the scales will change over time, but this is a natural process and we feel that it adds to the uniqueness of each product. There is no need to use a waterproofing or protectant spray.
Vegetable-Tanned Cow Leather
We use 100% vegetable-tanned cow leather for our linings and straps where required. This leather can be treated with conventional leather grease, but please spot-test first. As this leather is processed naturally, like the fish leather, it will develop a patina over time. This leather is also very soft to the touch and may scratch, however, these marks can be rubbed away by hand and will eventually blend into the patina. Please note that due to the use of natural dyes, there is the possibility of colour transfer from darker colourways onto clothing. You can avoid this by not wearing the bag directly on top of light-coloured clothing at first or by rubbing away any excess dye off of the leather before use.
Metal Hardware
It is possible that the metal components of each bag may darken over time and the black matte finish may wear off gradually due to natural reactions to skin and the environment. Any tarnishing, however, can be polished away.

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Dimensions 25 × 1 × 17 cm

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